DO’s: Sweep, vacuum, or dust mop regularly. Immediately wipe up liquid spills with cloth or paper towels. Maintain with Bona hardwood floor cleaner for un-waxed/unoiled finishes. Use felt protectors or furniture coasters under heavy furniture. Close curtains or blinds to limit direct sun exposure. Maintain room temperature (60-80°F). Maintain relative humidity in room/building between 30-50% year round. A protective mat should be placed under office chairs. Properly trim pet claws at all times. In areas with icy or snowy winters, extra protection against salt and grit may be needed. Place mats and throw rugs at doorways, exteriors and interiors to help prevent the tracking of grit, dirt, and sand. Remember that cleats, sports shoes and high heels can dent any floor surface. Place an area rug in front of the kitchen sink to catch water.

DON’Ts: Drag sharp wooden legs or metal furniture legs as it can scratch/ dent hardwood floors. Expose to direct sunlight for extended periods of time as it may dry/ fade natural wood. Use steam cleaners. They are not recommended for use on natural wood flooring. Place porous flower pots or vases on the floor. Use steel wool or scourers. Move heavy furniture without protecting wood flooring by slipping a piece of cloth or pile under the legs or bottom of items. Wet-mop a wood floor. Standing water can dull the finish, damage the wood, and leave a discoloring residue. A damp mop is fine as long as the moisture is limited to an amount that will evaporate almost immediately.


With a wire brushed texture, the finish on some planks may contain minor snags and raised grains. This is normal for this style. For maintenance procedures on this style, we recommend a lint-free cotton cloth mop with no loops, rather than a microfiber applicator. Micro-fiber material contains very fine fibers that can catch and snag on a textured surface. To keep snags and raised grains to a minimum, maintain the relative humidity in the home to the recommended level of 30%-50% year-round and room temperature between 60°-80°F. A humidifier may be necessary to keep relative humidity within recommended levels.


lacquered finish floors are quick & easy to maintain, and with a few low cost cleaning tools and a little preventative maintenance can look beautiful for years to come. In addition to maintaining a stable environment, your hardwood floor should be cleaned regularly. Simply sweep, dust mop or vacuum to remove dirt & grit. When necessary clean your floor with a hardwood floor cleaning product.

NEVER USE a wax or oil based cleaning product on a polyurethane finish.